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HEADZ UP Vol. LXX | Mother Engine, Samavayo, Sea & MaidaVale HEADZ UP Vol. LXX | Mother Engine, Samavayo, Sea & MaidaVale

HEADZ UP Vol. LXX | Mother Engine, Samavayo, Sea & MaidaVale

Laskerstr. 5
10245, Berlin-Friedrichshain

Fri 24/03/17 8:00 pm
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A HEAVY ROLLIN' DOUBLE FEATURE. We invite you to hang loose with us. And to celebrate a diverse night of long jams, spaced-out grooves and heavy riffs with four hot shots from Germany, Denmark and Sweden. As well reveling to the bday of Behrang Alavi of Samavayo! Get ready for:

Intergalactic Psychedelic Stoner Rock Spaceshuttle
Gebrüder Schall | Fuzzmatazz records
motherenginerock.bandcamp.com | fb.com/motherenginerock

➤ SAMAVAYO | Berlin, DE
Cosmic Alternative Heavy Psych Desert Metal Mad Machine Setalight.Records | samavayo.bandcamp.com | www.samavayo.com | fb.com/samavayo

➤ SEA | Copenhagen, DK
Classic 70s Hard Rock Ride | Mighty Music | Target Group
www.mightymusic.dk/albums/sea | fb.com/seamusicdk

➤ MAIDAVALE | Stockholm / Fårösund, SWE
Wicked 60s Psychedelic Blues Rock Fire | The Sign Records
thesignrecords.bandcamp.com/album/maidavale-tales-of-the-wicked-west | fb.com/maidavaleswe

Fri, 24.03.2017
Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Berlin
Doors 20.00h | Show 21.00h

Tickets 11,50€ via KOKA36 ➤ bit.ly/2l86y3f | Entrance 13-15€
www.koka36.de | Phone 030 61 10 13 13

Presented by:

HEADZ UP - fb.com/headzupshows
Setalight.Records - www.setalight.com
Gebrüder Schall - fb.com/gebruederschall
Jackalope - Artist Needs Management - www.jackalope-anm.de
Mighty Music - www.mightymusic.dk
Zukunft am Ostkreuz - www.zukunft-ostkreuz.de

Band descriptions:


ABSTURZ. But no worries! These three East German space travelers gonna handle their mothercraft pretty fine - and before a possible crash-landing, this intergalactic trio takes us on a heavy journey of long jams, spaced-out grooves and tripped-out soundscapes perfectly merging 70s Psych, Stoner and Space Rock for the good. After two shining records currently the mighty engine hits the road to Berlin to drive our minds to dizzying heights again!

FFO: The Atomic Bitchwax, Rotor, Colour Haze, Sungrazer, The Machine

➤ SAMAVAYO | Berlin, DE

CROSS THE LINE. Since 14 years now Berlin's soul invictus, mad machine and trio infernal Samavayo unremittingly is one important piece of the heavy local underground. After several releases and especially with their last year's materialized and highly recommended LP 'Dakota' them local heroes made a point and showed to be truly authorized to treat us well once in a while! Beside the rollin' Alternative Rock drive expect beautiful merged trips into Heavy Psych, Stoner Metal as well as poetic excursions into Persian Orient by the beautiful and outstanding voice of Behrang Alavi - with this show celebrating his birthday. So… let's celebrate!

FFO: Rotor, Android Empire, The Grand Astoria

➤ SEA | Copenhagen, DK

THE GRIP OF TIME. In the last few years Sea have build up a solid reputation as Denmark's new Heavy Rock act. Generally with their raw, organic and energetic style and especially with the heavy riffs, the strong vocals, catchy choruses, twin guitar solos and a mission to keep the guitar led rock alive, this fresh four-piece truly is an authentic sounding Classic Hard Rock band - clearly influenced by the giants and legends of the past while going with the touch of a young, hungry Scandinavian band in their twenties. After their award-winning debut album now the band is back with their long awaited 2nd album 'The Grip of Time' - recorded in Vibe Factory Studios and mastered in Abbey Road Studios. So roll on, boys - bring Hard Rock back!

FFO: Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice in Chains, RIVAL SONS

➤ MAIDAVALE | Stockholm / Fårösund, SWE

(IF YOU WANT THE SMOKE) BE THE FIRE. With inviting MaidaVale to Berlin, we got one of the grooviest stars currently rising in the Northern skies of European Heavy Psychedelia. With their influence and style clearly being rooted in the late 60s, early 70s music scene and a modern take on Blues Rock currently the Swedish coven is about to drag the audiences into their beautiful time warp. On their outstanding debut LP 'Tales of the Wicked West' from the opening wah-wah guitar scream over riff-laden tunes to the closing five-star ten-minute instrumental bliss-out ‘Heaven and Earth’, which doesn’t merely spruce up Funkadelic’s majestic ‘Maggot Brain’ with an overhaul and a new lick of paint, this album is utterly brilliant.” as Terrascope Magazine wrote. We are psyched to welcome these beautiful witches to Berlin for the 1st time!

FFO: Witchcraft, Graveyard, Blues Pills, The Golden Grass, Captain Crimson


Zukunft am Ostkreuz
Laskerstr. 5
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

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