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Clockwork Psycho Clockwork Psycho




Clockwork Psycho

Hansastr. 39-41
81373, Munich

Thu 27/04/17 7:00 pm
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19:00 - 23:00
Sunny Red Stage
Hansastraße 39, 81373 München

Clockwork Psycho (Slovenia)
Psychobilly - Rock'n'Roll - Punkabilly
Clockwork Psycho

The Bedroom Roosters (Munich)
Rockabilly - Psychobilly
The Bedroom Roosters


Clockwork Psycho members:
Double bass & lead vocals: CLOCKWORK LILITH
Guitar & vocals: AL ERŽEN
Drums & vocals: MARKO VALANT

Record Label:
Diablo Records

Clockwork Psycho is the first Slovenian female fronted psychobilly band from capital city Ljubljana. The trio was formed in 2011 when former members of other punk, oi and metal bands from Ljubljana came together in a desire to play psychobilly on their own way. Initial members Clockwork Lilith (doublebass and vocals) and Al Eržen (guitar and back vocals) invited Dogz, to join them on drums. Due to the members being experienced musicians who've been present on Ljubljana's music scene for quite a while, after no more than half a year of being formed, the band was ready for live shows. And that's when it all got started; the band started playing show after show and in 2012 recorded their first demo. In the same year they have joined The Koffin Kats on their European tour and played 15 concerts together. After that as a highlights of the year we must mention a great show with Banane Metalik in Ljubljana and request of the Dynamite music magazine to release The Lost Boys Choir on their CD compilation. In 2013 the band hits studio to record debut album Nightmares From Laibach which is digital released by Fury Records and published by Nervous Records. Shortly after recording the album, drummer Dogz has left the band and on his position came an old friend and college from ex bands – Marko Valant. In the meantime, the band gets great opportunity to play with the legends - Demented Are Go, at their show in Zagreb, Croatia. After a brilliantly executed show an avalanche of great reviews and fans feedback positively confirms that the band is getting bigger and more powerfull than ever. Another night to remeber happened a couple of months later in Vienna when band played with British Oi! Legends – The Riot Squad. With a new power this machine called Clockwork Psycho starts to conquer stages all across the Europe playing shows in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and first big festivals like Bedlam Breakout (U.K.), Psychobilly Earthquake (GER) and Moonshine Madness (NL). In between tours the band successfully produces new songs, so they went back to studio in February 2016 to record their second album »I don't give a fuck«, which is dedicated in loving memory of our great friend, amazing musician and artist Louwrens Jordaan – Lou. 2016 was a blast too! The band was very lucky by getting another great opportunity and record this brand new album with experienced musician and music producer mr. Philip Doyle and sign with Diablo Records! After the show with The Casualties – american punk rock legends, the band proved that have strong support even outside psychobilly scene and that support is growing all over the Europe what we can notice on shows in Germany, England, Finland, France, Italy etc. Plans for 2017: new tours, festivals, shows and many more kilometers on the road! Be prepared, Clockwork Psycho is coming to your town!


Hansastr. 39-41
81373 Munich

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