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Channel One - it's a dub ting Channel One - it's a dub ting




Channel One - it's a dub ting

Zellstraße 4
81667, Munich

Fri 07/04/17 11:00 pm
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it's a dub ting presents

feat. Jah Screechy

hosted by Elemental Wave Soundsystem

Beginn: 23 Uhr
Vorverkauf: 12€ zzgl. vvk Gebühren
Abendkasse: 12€

Darauf freuen wir uns auch ganz besonders!
Channel One groß vorzustellen oder zu erklären fällt nicht leicht und ist mit Worten tatsächlich kaum greifbar zu machen.
Eine großartige Mischung aus 40 Jahren Erfahrung und dem Bewusstsein, immer vorwärts zu denken und zu spielen.
Egal wo Channel One Lautsprecher Chassis in Bewegung versetzt, es bleibt allen in Erinnerung.
Deshalb ist es auch kaum verwunderlich, dass Channel One beim ersten Red Bull Culture Clash die Runden dominierte und alle anderen Sounds und Genres auf die Plätze verwies.
Wir können uns also auf eine wahrhaft schöne, inspirierende und musikalisch einmalige Session freuen!
Um dem Sound von Channel One die richtige Ausdruckskraft zu verleihen, stellen wir fast alles vom Elemental Wave Soundsystem ins Ampere.

Hier eine gute Beschreibung (channelonesoundsystem.com):
In 1979, Mikey Dread and his brother Jah T began to play at blues parties and local dances having spent many years under the watchful eye of their father, owner operator of the famous Admiral Bailey Sound. They chose the name Channel One in homage to the legendary Jamaican record label of the same name whose tunes featured heavily in those early selections. Inspired by Bob Marley’s belief in uniting people through reggae music, Mikey was keen to introduce new people to dub reggae music and started touring around universities, where he secured a solid fan base.

Channel One’s mission is to break down barriers via reggae music, they have achieved this by playing new venues, new festivals and different countries, taking their unique sound to Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey and all over Europe. Channel One also celebrated 30 consecutive years at the Notting Hill Carnival making them one of the must see soundsystems for attendees to Europes biggest street festival.

2009 saw Channel One embark on their hugely successful national Dub to Dubstep Tour, with financial backing from the Arts Council, via Blackroutes and support from Punch and Vagabondz. Channel One took their sound system to 6 cities, touring alongside Kromestar, RSD and Jazzsteppa, showcasing their dub reggae sound system as part of the tangible heritage behind dubstep. In 2011, Channel One have been on another tour, this time Dub to Jungle alongside Congo Natty, Tenor Fly, Congo Dubz, Nanci and Phoebe and Klose One. And finally in 2012 Channel One went on a Jamaica Party tour, celebrating Jamaica’s 50th year of independence – alongside Coki, Mala, Shy FX, The Bug and Flowdan, Top Cat, The Heatwave, General Roots, RoxXxan, Rtkal and Screama. Finally Channel One have toured with the legendary Twinkle Brothers, a concept put together by Mikey Dread. These tours have been a great way for Channel One to reach new audiences.

Channel One Sound System were the Red Bull Culture Clash winners in November 2010, beating Skream and Benga, Metalheadz and Soul Jazz. Channel One competed in the Culture Clash in 2012 at Wembley Arena, against Major Lazer (with Usher and Rita Ora), Boy Better Know and Annie Mac Presents. Channel One are the first reggae sound system to have taken their sound to Wembley Arena.

Channel One Sound Systems hand built custom speaker stacks provide a rich heavyweight bass sound which compliments their tight selection of old and new dub reggae classics, all played from a single vinyl deck and accented with echos and sirens. MC Ras Kayleb compliments Mikeys deep draws with Rastafarian chants and song.

Longside unserem guten Freund Jah Screechy. Immer eine Bereicherung!

Hier ein kleiner Text zu Jah Screechy:
Jah Screechy was born Elton Sinclair, and raised by his grandparents in Kingsvale, Hanover, Jamaica. Jah Screechy moved to the UK at age 7 and grew up in Northwest London. As a youth, he was inspired by artists such as I Roy, Willie Williams, Dillinger and Toots and the Maytals.
“I began learning the trade on a small sound with some friends of mine, the sound was called Black Lion. We used to play excursions and against other sounds at parties. I wanted to be a mic man from long time.”
As a young man, he couldn’t resist the magic of the dancehall and sound culture, finding his way into Sir Coxsone Sound events by carrying sound boxes to obtain free entry to the dances. Although trained as an engineer, Screechy’s skill as a wordsmith is what made an impression on audiences.
Many Jah Screechy fans were first exposed to his signature style of toasting, as it was once called in the 70s, through his performances with Sir Coxsone Outernational Sound System. In May 1984, Jah Screechy released the unique vinyl sound of Walk and Skank, produced by Blacker Dread. His record debuted in the UK Reggae Chart at Number 2 and continues to sell worldwide, achieving status as a reggae dancehall classic.
Rooted in London’s diverse communities from North to South, his emcee lyrics are modern-day Ragga, embracing relevant yet uplifting cultural and social themes. Positive chat and the dancehall vibrance of Screechy’s poetic style brought a new dimension. He said to Independent writer, Jim White in a 1993 interview, “I can't stop the chat, man. Because of what's going on around me.” Like American Blues, Screechy’s Ragga lyrics are drawn from real life.
Walk and Skank has since been immortalized when SL2 brought Jah Screechy's vocal to a mass audience worldwide by sampling his distinctive vocal for the XL Recordings release On A Ragga Tip in 1992, peaking at number 2 in the UK charts and number 1 in the Network and Dance charts.
Played by radio and dance club DJs over the years, Walk and Skank has become popular as well across the web on internet radio stations around the globe. This resulted in Jah Screechy becoming one of the most sampled voices in music, included in Soul Jazz Records’ definitive compilation, An England Story: The Culture of the MC in the UK 1984-2008.
Jah Screechy has never been away from the music business and is well known on the artist circuit as an MC who gives the public their money's worth. Screechy has worked with numerous producers and record labels including Kris Kemist from Reality Shock Records, Red Eye HiFi, Jahtari, Digital Steppaz and Cubiculo Records to mention a few.
Today Jah Screechy remains one of the UK’s most in-demand and respected MCs and Reggae artistes. His intelligent rhyming lyrics and intuitive musical sensibility are the foundation of his active life as a recording artist and international performer.

Einlass ab 18 Jahren!



Zellstraße 4
81667 Munich

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