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IxDA - Behavioural Design – Jorn Craeghs (SUE Amsterdam) IxDA - Behavioural Design – Jorn Craeghs (SUE Amsterdam)

IxDA - Behavioural Design – Jorn Craeghs (SUE Amsterdam)

Fraunhoferstrasse 23H
80469, Munich

Mon 10/04/17 7:00 pm
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Behavioural Design – Jorn Craeghs (SUE Amsterdam)

At the event Jorn will hand you a model by which you can explain every form of human behaviour & which you can use to come up with behaviour changing ideas. He will also present and explain multiple persuasion principles from the science of influence. So if you want to master the art of persuasion, this one’s for you to attend.

About the Speaker

Jorn Craeghs works as Insights Lead for SUE Amsterdam and is Head Teacher at the Behavioral Design Academy.He helps organizations become Human-Centred and tackles Behaviour Change challenges. He has dedicated the past years to making psychology applicable to design challenges, with the goal of gathering deep human insights and coming up with effective ideas to change behaviour.



LUNAR Europe
Fraunhoferstrasse 23H
80469 Munich

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