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FloatFit HIIT Instructor Training FloatFit HIIT Instructor Training

FloatFit HIIT Instructor Training

Kurt-Emmerich-Platz 12
21109, Hamburg

Sat 25/03/17 9:00 am
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Price €200

Add FloatFit HIIT to your teaching skills set

Help meet the growing demand for FloatFit classes all round the world. Take the fitness world by storm!

Bäderland Schwimmakademie, Schwimmhalle Inselpark, Kurt Emmerich Platz 12,21109 Hamburg

E-Mail schwimmakademie@baederland.de

What you need:
HIIT: Nationally recognised group exercise instructor certification

The Training consists of:
Theory and Practical Learning
Educational Images and Videos
Multiple Choice Exam
Practical Assessment

Length of course:
8 hours

Once you have received your certification you will have access to our exclusive ‘Online Portal’ a closed section on our Website for trained FloatFit instructors only

Online Portal – Information including:
Ongoing Marketing Support and Materials
*New Class Programmes
Instructional Videos and Images
Online Exercise Library
Add your FloatFit class times, locations and photos to our ‘Class Finder’
Unlimited email and phone support

Join the wave of International FloatFit Instructors and be one of the first to complete our Online Training!

We continue to lead the way in aquatic fitness. Using water to transform fitness

*All instructors will have to do a refresher course after 2 years from qualifying
*You will receive 4 FloatFit Class Programmes – additional programme updates can be purchased on our website


Kurt-Emmerich-Platz 12
21109 Hamburg

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