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Live - We were Strangers Live - We were Strangers
Cafe Galao

Cafe Galao

Cafe Galao

Cafe Galao

Live - We were Strangers

Tübinger Strasse 90
70178, Stuttgart

Sat 18/03/17 9:00 pm
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Cafe Galao

Manchester / UK

From beneath the moody and rain burdened Manchester sky, hails the latest musical offering from Stefan Melbourne, his new outfit going by the name of "We Were Strangers". Having performed and recorded in the past as a solo act, Melbourne's recent endeavour is a more fluid affair with various musicians accompanying the salient troubadour as he takes up the lead.

Not too long ago the band released a small EP going by the name of "Before" which was welcomed and applauded by bloggers and listeners alike, paving the way for their album " Beneath a Broken Sky " which is due out in the coming months, a moving and fluent anthology of heartbreak and nostalgia, with a gritty sense of sorrow and a prevalent and fierce hope running throughout. Steeped in the rich heritage of the North and somehow possessed by the insistent, rain soaked manchester streets WWS won't disappoint.

We are definitively sure:
you will love it !!


Cafe Galao
Tübinger Strasse 90
70178 Stuttgart

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