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Live - Ed Prosek I Flesh & Blood-Tour 2017 I Stuttgart Live - Ed Prosek I Flesh & Blood-Tour 2017 I Stuttgart
Cafe Galao

Cafe Galao

Cafe Galao

Cafe Galao

Live - Ed Prosek I Flesh & Blood-Tour 2017 I Stuttgart

Tübinger Strasse 90
70178, Stuttgart

Sat 20/05/17 9:00 pm
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Cafe Galao


San Francisco / US und Brighton / UK

Californian singer-songwriter Ed Prosek is an artist of striking talent. His intimate vocals and songs of honesty, introspection and worldly observation set him apart from other young songwriters, combining a musical beauty and individual sense of arrangement with powerful and emotive lyricism to create music that is truly undeniable in every sense of the word.

The son of an opera composer, Ed Prosek’s journey to becoming a folk-pop songwriter is one firmly routed in the classical world. A former student of the prestigious San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Ed left his native California for the south coast of England in 2011, emerging to critical acclaim in 2012 with his debut EP, ‘California’, a demonstration of Ed’s prowess as not only a conventional songwriter but as an arranger and band leader that belie his youth. Immediately gaining a strong online presence, Ed’s cover of Paul Simon’s ‘Homeward Bound’ was the soundtrack to Cathedral City’s major TV advertising campaign, bringing Ed and his music to the national audience in a direct fashion. A subsequent self-released EP and continuous live presence in Brighton and London as well as tours to Germany and the West Coast of America have seen Ed’s fanbase and online presence grow quickly, grabbing the attention of world famous producer, Rupert Hine, who subsequently signed him as a songwriter to BMG Chrysalis/Auditorius in early 2014.

Following the success of his singles, ‘Holy Water’, ‘Hold On Tight’ and EP, ‘The Riverbed’, Ed has been performing and touring in the UK, US and throughout Europe, including major support tours and festivals. Recently relocating to Berlin to write and record new material, he was also selected to be included on 'The Art Of Peace II: Songs for Tibet’, alongside artists including Sting, Kate Bush and Lorde.

Ed released his newest Ep ‘Truth’ in Spring 2016, and not only has it been featured on the front page of Apple Music, built his following to over 100,000 monthly listeners and nearly a million streams on Spotify, but it has been playlisted on many major radio stations across Europe.

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Cafe Galao
Tübinger Strasse 90
70178 Stuttgart

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