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Strala 200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training with Tara Stiles: Amsterd Strala 200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training with Tara Stiles: Amsterd

Strala 200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training with Tara Stiles: Amsterd

Laurierstraat 109
1016PL, Amsterdam

Sat 07/10/17 9:00 am
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What happens in a 200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training?

Week 1: we get into the Experience - how to uplift and enable yourself in your yoga, and your life.

Week 2: how to Orchestrate this experience for everyone around you.

Introduction. An overview of Being, Moving and Healing. Taking care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

Approach: 3 Elements. How to create our best yoga, through Breath, Feeling, and Natural Movement.

Breath Body Connection. Our movement is guided and fueled by our breath. Every inhale lifts and expands. Every exhale moves you further. This oceanic experience allows your body to go along for the ride, creating space for lightness and ease in your experience.

Feeling. Slow down and breath deep enough to feel, believe that what you feel is worth responding to, and respond. Your connection to feeling and intuition allows you to move into exactly what you need in each moment. You'll learn to be in alignment with yourself always, and feel good every step of the way.

Process: The Principles of Natural Movement. How to accomplish far more, with far less effort, in everything you do. We begin with our breath, connect to our feeling, and move from our middle. We'll replace force and struggle with grace and coordination. With easy, natural movements, we can progress far beyond pose goals, and dive into the process of getting to know our bodies and minds.

Practice: Hard Things Easy. It's possible to get where you want to go by learning to drop the stress, and move easily through challenge. In fact, it's not just possible. The best among us - the most inspirational of any human effort - has been achieved in this way. Nothing truly great has ever been achieved by working harder than needed. The impossible becomes possible only when we move gracefully, when we choose peace over aggression.

We'll replace the self-limiting myth of no pain no gain, release stress and struggle from our bodies and minds, and use the principles of natural movement to make the impossible possible. This becomes your way of being. It becomes how you move, how you create yourself, and the world around you.

Guiding: how to create an uplifting and enabling experience. Your first responsibility is to take really good care of yourself. What you have for yourself is what you have to give to others. From here, we move through the best ways to orchestrate an amazing experience for everyone around you. You'll learn to lead people into their own freedom, intuition, creativity, and radiantly good health.

Healing: Touch and Support. How to create a supportive, enabling, and healing relationship with yourself, and with others. We'll detail the core principles of safety, alignment, and practical anatomy, and provide an effective approach for healing of both acute injury and chronic pain.

Stress, Health & Nutrition. We'll explore your mind-body connection, the role of stress in disease, and techniques for releasing stress and activating your body's Relaxation Response. We'll also explore the microbiome, and various nutritional strategies for curing ailments and enabling optimal health.

Leadership, Work, Life. We'll carry our practice of being, moving and healing into how you create the life you want.

Whatever goals you might have, how you feel when you get there is created by how you are along the way. In yoga, this is why challenges like handstands are best achieved not by practicing handstands - but by learning to move easily and comfortably in your body, through everything you do. Of course you can take a handstand by force - jumping and crashing, using muscle rather than coordination and grace. But this will never feel good. And the goal will lack meaning. We'll have learned only to reach our goals by force, by not feeling good.

So of course there's a better way, moving with grace and coordination, rather than by force and struggle. We learn something valuable about ourselves, moving this way. We learn that we can accomplish much more in our lives without stress and struggle than with it. We learn that we can get to wherever we want from wherever we are. And we learn that we can feel good, always. It's not about the handstand. It's how you get where you're going that creates what you have.

More Practice. All of our trainings are very practical. We’re not just talking about all of this – we’re going to do it together. So we have plenty of real class time for practice, exploration, and making what you want real in your everyday life.


De Nieuwe Yogaschool
Laurierstraat 109
1016PL Amsterdam

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